October 2, 2019


Happy fall, everyone! Check out our upcoming events at the Bell House in Brooklyn—and beyond!

--Sun Oct 20, 8pm @ the Bell House, Atmospheric Scientist & Climatologist Sonali McDermid, FREE
--Tues Nov 12, 8pm @ the Bell House, The Dana Foundation Lecture featuring Neuroscientist Nim Tottenham, FREE
--Mon Dec 16, 8pm @ the Bell House, Marine Biologist & Explorer David Gruber, FREE
Psssssst! We will be at Symphony Space in Manhattan on Tuesday, December 3 for a special event: “Handprints on Hubble” with Astronaut & Author Kathryn Sullivan. (Get tickets here and use code SECRET20 to get $20 tickets.)
One more thing! If you missed seeing Sean Carroll's talk about quantum physics and “Something Deeply Hidden” last month at our Secret Science Club North event, you can now watch the entire talk (with an intro by physicist Brian Greene) on C-SPAN’s Book TV.

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