October 17, 2019

Secret Science Club presents Atmospheric Scientist Sonali McDermid, SUNDAY, October 20, 8PM @ the Bell House, FREE!

Something in the Air! Secret Science Club presents Climate Scientist Sonali McDermid, SUNDAY, October 20, 8PM @ the Bell House, FREE!

When Sonali McDermid first began studying the atmosphere, she was drawn in by the sheer power and dynamism of Earth’s oceans of air. Compared to our planet’s massive size, our atmosphere is thin and insubstantial. Yet, the amount of energy being transported through the system and the resulting storms, wind currents, temperature shifts, and climate zones are phenomenal and fascinating. Changes in the atmosphere can make or break us. 

At the next Secret Science Club, Dr. McDermid explores Earth's phenomenal atmosphere, its relationship to Earth's ecosystems and agriculture systems, and the perils of climate change. She asks:
--Does the way we grow food impact local and global climate? How?
--How do wild ecosystems influence weather and climate—and vice versa?
--What impact will climate change have on the world’s ability to feed itself?
--Can soil help solve the climate crisis?

Sonali McDermid is an atmospheric scientist, climatologist, and professor of environmental studies at NYU. Her research focuses on understanding interactions between climate change and variability, land-use, and agriculture, with an eye towards identifying and quantifying important feedbacks and uncertainties. She employs a variety of tools and datasets, primarily global climate models, but also observed and remote-sensing datasets, and process-based crop models. She has been a featured scientist on Vice News, NPR’s Morning Edition, and ScienceLine.

--Imbibe our jazz-infused seasonal cocktail of the night: Autumn in New York (It’ll warm you up as the city cools down.)
--Groove to tunes that blow hot and cold
--Stick around for the scintillating Q&A

This inclement edition of the Secret Science Club meets Sunday, October 20, 8 pm @ the Bell House, 149 7th St. (between 2nd and 3rd avenues) in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Subway: F or G to 4th Ave, R to 9th St.

Doors open at 7:30 pm. Please bring ID: 21+. No cover. Just bring your smart self.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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