November 5, 2021

LIVE ONLINE: Tuesday, November 16 @ 8PM, Secret Science Club presents the "Dana Foundation Brain Lecture" with Neuroscientist Sridevi Sarma, FREE!

Secret Science Club presents the “Dana Foundation Brain Lecture” with Neuroscientist Sridevi Sarma on “Our Gambling Brains”

Join us live via Zoom on TUESDAY, November 16 @ 8PM (Eastern Time USA) "Doors" open at 7:30PM 

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Could a subtle jolt to your brain change how risky your behavior will be? At the next Secret Science Club, we explore the “wired” brain and how research involving deep brain electrodes tells us what's happening in our brains when we gamble. Prepare to explore the inner workings of the “body electric” with neuroscientist Sridevi Sarma. She asks:

•    Why do some people take more risks than others when faced with uncertainty?
•    Does brain activity differ between risk-seeking and risk-averse gamblers?
•    What can we learn about human decision-making from research involving intracranial electrode recordings, and can we control decisions with deep brain stimulation? What are the implications?

Before & After
--Mix up our cocktail of the night, the "Brainwave"… (recipe below!)
--Groove to mind-expanding tunes
--Bring your questions for the live audience Q&A
--Take a peek at the Dana Foundation's fact sheets, scientist interviews, and Cerebrum magazine articles, for information about brain science and how it impacts our everyday lives
-- Learn how you can participate in Brain Awareness Week, the global campaign to foster enthusiasm and support for brain science

Sridevi Sarma is a neuroscientist, biomedical engineer, professor, and the associate director of the Institute for Computational Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. There, she develops computational, data-driven, and biological approaches to advance the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, including epilepsy, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, and insomnia. She also conducts research that seeks to understand how our brains manage complex behaviors, such as motor control and decision making. The author of over 150 scientific papers, she is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. Last year, Dr. Sarma was the winner of the inaugural “Pitch It On!” competition for her invention EZTrack, which creates a heat map of the brain to help doctors determine the source of seizures in drug-resistant epilepsy patients. She has appeared regularly as a featured scientist on the Emmy-award-winning NatGeo series Brain Games.

This mind-blowing edition of Secret Science Club - featuring Sridevi Sarma - is supported by the Dana Foundation. The Dana Foundation is dedicated to advancing neuroscience within society by supporting cross-disciplinary intersections such as neuroscience and ethics, law, policy, humanities, and arts.

This is a FREE event.

What’s next at Secret Science Club online?
Stay tuned for neuroscientist Antonio Damasio on Tuesday, December 14.

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Cocktail Recipe for the “Brainwave” (created by the Secret Science Club mixology lab)
Ingredients: 2 oz Green Tea (brewed strong & cooled), ½ cup Apple Cider, 1½ oz Vodka, 1 tbsp Maple Syrup, Apple Slices
- Pour liquid ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, and shake
- Strain into a martini glass
- Garnish with thinly cut apple slices

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.