July 2, 2010

The Secret Science Club presents "A Sexy & Cerebral Evening" with Psychologist Paul Bloom, Tuesday, July 13 @ the Bell House, 8 pm, FREE!

The world of pleasure is mysterious and murky. Seafood lovers glory in devouring raw oysters. People slow their cars to look at gory accidents, and enjoy going to movies that make them cry. Abstract art can sell for millions of dollars. Countless men and women like being spanked.

Yale psychologist and cognitive scientist Paul Bloom delves into the remakable realm of desire, discussing how new research shows that simple pleasures like sex and food are far more complex than scientists ever imagined. The author of How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like, Dr. Bloom challenges longstanding explanations of human pleasure as a simple sensory response, arguing that pleasure is linked to our beliefs about the "true nature," or essence of things. He asks:

--What is at the root of our attachment to sentimental objects?
--Why do people pay top dollar for items owned by celebrities?
--Why would most people rather be kissed by a movie star than by his or her identical twin?
--Does wine taste better the more we pay more for it?
--How do humans derive enjoyment from art, music, and stories?

Before & After
--Groove to ecstasy-inducing tunes
--Stick around for bacchanalian Q&A
--Snag a signed copy of Dr. Bloom’s new book, How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like
--Try our dopamine-spiked cocktail of the night, the “Pleasure Dome.” (It'll tickle your fancy . . .)

The “Secret Science Club” meets Tuesday, July 13 at 8 pm @ the Bell House, 149 7th St. (between 2nd and 3rd avenues) in Gowanus, Brooklyn, p: 718.643.6510. Subway: F to 4th Ave; R to 9th St; F or G to Smith/9th

Doors open at 7:15 pm.  Please bring ID: 21+
No cover. Just bring your smart self!