December 7, 2006

David Helfand and David Garland

Wednesday, December 6th @ 7 pm
Union Hall’s "Secret Science Club" Presents: A SPACE ODDITY!
Astronomer (and Earthling) David J. Helfand lectures on:
"Intelligent Life in the Universe??"

"Earth to Space. Earth to Space. Come in please … " So far no one’s answering. But recent advances in astronomy and biology have enhanced the ability of scientists to predict whether—despite the lack of contact—there is intelligent life beyond our own solar system.

Chair of the Department of Astronomy at Columbia University, David J. Helfand peers through a speculative telescope and asks: Are we alone? Or is the universe teeming with extraterrestrials? What kinds of planets might ETs live on? And what are the chances that these space folks are smarter than us Earthlings?

Then ... Blast Off to Art-Pop Planet with David Garland
The host of WNYC’s "Spinning on Air," David Garland rockets out of the broadcasting booth—with a 12-string guitar and a beguiling baritone. Called "a superb, crazily imaginative songwriter" by the Village Voice, Garland croons about cloud formations, birds, damnable dreams, natural history dioramas, love, and loss. Don’t miss this ethereal performance!

--Before and in the ’tweens: Groove to tunes and video inspired by little green men!

--Defy gravity with a "Cosmic-politan"—the Secret Science Club’s Cocktail of the Night.