May 15, 2007

The Secret Science Club presents "Moon Madness & Martian Mayhem" on Wednesday, June 6

Don’t miss this wild trip . . . get into your rocket and ride!

In 1990, astrophysicist Ed Belbruno was fired from the prestigious Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He and his ideas—unstable chaos, low-fuel space travel, and “fuzzy boundary theory”—just seemed too far out. But then a JPL colleague unexpectedly came knocking on Belbruno’s door. A lunar spacecraft named Hiten had gone off course. It had barely any fuel left. Could Belbruno help? His “far out” theory was then used to guide Hiten safely to the Moon and rescue the entire mission.

Today, Belbruno is planning new routes into the cosmos. A visiting research collaborator in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University, the president of Innovative Orbital Design, and the author of Fly Me to the Moon: An Insider’s Guide to the New Science of Space Travel, Dr. Belbruno will discuss the future of space flight, Lagrangian points, and how painting a picture in the style of Van Gogh helped him find a new way to reach the moon.

But wait . . . there’s more! Stick around for a book signing, space-age videos, Moon and Martian snacks, and groovy tunes inspired by Sputnik and moon rocks!

--Enjoy the Lunar Libation of the Night, the Moonraker, a dangerous little cocktail that will have you counting down for mercy . . .

The “Secret Science Club” meets June 6th at 8 p.m. in the basement @ Union Hall, 702 Union St. (at 5th Ave.) in Park Slope, Brooklyn, p: 718.638.4400 Web:
Subway: R to Union St.; F to 4th Ave.; Q, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Atlantic

No cover charge. Just bring your smart self.

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Patrick said...

I attended Dr. Belbruno's lecture and was blown away. It took a year, but I've finally managed to convince my editor at Wired Magazine to let me write a feature about him. Does anyone happen to have a video of Dr. Belbruno's talk that I could look at?