January 3, 2007

Night of the Doppelganger with David Sulzer

By day, neurobiologist David Sulzer studies the intricate mechanisms of the brain. By night, his alter ego David Soldier composes music, runs his own record label and plumbs previously unexplored musical terrain…. Now for the first time, David Sulzer faces off with himself (David Soldier) on the Secret Science Club’s "Night of the Doppelganger"!

David Sulzer lectures on "The Neuroscience of the Soul"
In 3 lbs of gray matter lodged in our skulls, each of us houses 100 billion brain cells. Every thought, word, and deed is governed by complex electrochemical activities taking place in nanoseconds. But what about the brain makes each of us unique? At his lab at Columbia University, professor and neurobiologist David Sulzer is uncovering processes that have eluded scientists and philosophers alike. Don’t miss one microsecond!

David Soldier performs with the Spinozas
Composer Dave Soldier's new group, the Spinozas, explores and expands on seminal European pop traditions. Medieval poetry in Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and ancient Spanish is blended with original music inspired by flamenco guitar, Middle Eastern percussion, salsa, and electronica.

According to the New York Times: "Double lives are usually led by spies and philanderers, not doctors and musicians. But David Sulzer[/Soldier] … is leading so many lives …that you have to wonder where he finds the time to be all the people he is."

Our dopamine-spiked cocktail of the night: the Mind Bender. http://www.sulzerlab.org/ http://mulatta.org/DaveSoldierHomePage.html

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